Theodor Helmbreker - Painting "Scena di Vita Quotidiana" (Scene of Everyday Life)

Submitted by Massimo Sarandrea on the 13th of October 2013


Theodor Helmbreker (Harlem, 1633 - Rome, 1696)
“Scena di Vita Quotidiana” (Scene of Everyday Life)
Oil painting on canvas
About 1670/80
Dimensions: h. 50 cm x l. 38,5 cm


Painter who specialized in genre scenes, even if not disdain the religious painting, is one of the leading exponents of the genre of so-called "bambocciata", and probably the last painter addressed in this specific type of setting painting. Well-known still in life, his work kept for a long time a considerable reputation that faded only in the nineteenth century. The work presented here highlights the spirit of keen observer of everyday reality that reports on the canvas with fast but accurate brushstrokes, in a setting with a strong Nordic character.