Oddo Aliventi - Bronze sculpture "Nereide e Tritone" (Nereid and Triton)

Submitted by Massimo Sarandrea on the 6th of October 2013

Oddo Aliventi (Sant'Angelo in Vado, 1898 - Roma, 1975)
"Nereide e Tritone" (Nereid and Triton)
Bronze sculpture
About 1935
h. 29 cm x w. 40 cm x d. 15 cm
Signed “Oddo Aliventi” on the back of the right side

The work, a bronze casting, faces a recurring theme in the artist's repertoire: the sea and its connections. A similar subject by the same author is represented by large bas-relief on the facade of the building in 1941 of the INA in the Eur district of Rome. In the work in question, in much smaller forms, the author depicts a mythological scene of a Triton and a Nereid that emerge from the waves of the sea. The sculpture bears the signature of the artist on the back of the wave on the right side of the observer.