Jindrich Halabala - Coffee table "Spider H259"

Submitted by Massimo Sarandrea on the 5th of October 2014


Jindrich Halabala (Koryčany,1903 - 1978)
Coffee table "Spider H259"
Beech wood with walnut veneer top
About 1950
Dimensions: h. 62 cm x l. 64 cm x d. 64 cm
Production: Up Zavody Brno Czech Republic


Classic example of a side table, called “spider like”, by the Czech designer who worked in the 30s for Gropius at the Bauhaus. Object of refined design of the Art Deco period, is made of beech wood with walnut veneer top.
Jindrich Halabala, as chief designer of the "Large Brno-based furniture producer United Arts and Crafts Manifacture (UP)", significantly affected its manufacturing program from 1930 onwards, helping to create a new mass market in the design of the house and furnishings in Europe in the period between the two world wars and the end of World War II. He believed that the décor could and should be well-defined, functional, modular and mobile. He develops two basic set of modular furniture: the lines H and E, and many types of wooden chairs. He also designed pond tubular furniture, innovative products from HP Hordìn. He was also active as a theoretician and advertising with a modern approach. He regularly worked with professional journals, lectures in universities and as a member of the association of furniture manufacturers, he played a key role in the revival of the furniture industry. The design work of Halabala can be seen in the permanent collection of the gallery MORAVSKA, Brno and Olmouc Museum of Art.