Giuseppe Corsini - Marble Panel Depiction of the Sibyl Samia

Submitted by Massimo Sarandrea on the 11th of April 2020

Giuseppe Corsini (Siena XIX century)
Depiction of the Sibyl Samia
Marble Panel
h 32 cm x l 21,8 cm
Signed on the back bottom right "Josephi Corsini marmorari senensis A.D. MDCCCXC (1890)"

Small marble paneled table depicting the sibyl Samia, figure of the marble floor of the Cathedral of Siena, composed at the end of the fifteenth century and taken up by the artist Giuseppe Corsini at the end of the nineteenth century, probably as a work of acceptance at the factory of the cathedral of the tuscan city, in order to participate in the completion of the marble floor of the church.

The work takes up the compositional technique of the marble floor by proposing a scale model perfectly reproduced here with the same stone materials used for the original.

The artist signs himself on the back of the composition with the appellation of Sienese marmoraro.