Elica Balla - Painting "Cielo dalla mia Finestra" (Sky from my Window)

Submitted by Massimo Sarandrea on the 19th of July 2015


Elica Balla (Roma 1914 - 1995)
“Cielo dalla mia Finestra” (Sky from my Window)
Oil painting on cardboard
Dimensions: h. 51 cm x l. 37 cm
Signed lower left


Oil painting on paper dated lower right, is, as the title of the work on the back of support, a view of the sky of Rome from the window of the Balla's house.

The painting is a fascinating representation of moving clouds, young exemplification of the pictorial work of the daughter of the famous father. The sky with moving clouds is a theme dear to the painter who will repeat it many times throughout his life, in this specific case, the dating defines one of the main and primary representations of the subject.

The work comes directly from Balla's house and shows on the back the number of inventory, placed at the time of the division of the inheritance.